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MINI DANT HOMES can design and build the perfect MINI home for you! Whether you are looking for rental income, or have children or aging parents that need their own space. Our process simple and easy from start to finish.

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Detached MINI Homes

Add a high-quality living space right to your home. This solution is perfect for adding an extra room to a part of your home such as on top of garage space.

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attached adu's hamilton
Attached MINI Homes

Detached MINI DANT homes are separate structures that are detached from your main home that provide additional living space. These homes are vastly growing...

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Pool House Contractors Hamilton
Mini Pool Houses

Pool Houses are the perfect and most convenient way to keep the party and mess outside. They also provide extra storage space, change areas, entertaining space...

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Mini Offices Hamilton
Mini Offices

MINI DANT offices are the perfect option for those clients who are pursuing a private yet convenient office solution right within their backyard space.

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Work Studios Hamilton
Home Studios & Gyms

Having a professional, full-equipped studio on your property can be an ideal option for artists who need to stay close to their homes for a variety of reasons, including...

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Detached Garages & Workshops Hamilton
Detached Garages & Workshops

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Mini DANT Homes is the leading ADU expert in Ontario!

Our goal is to help you build the perfect MINI Home that fits your specific needs. We provide our clients with an easy and efficient process from start to finish whether it be for young adults, aging parents, rental income, or simple an office space making working from home much more feasible.



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